Global Resources
In China, with Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen as the core of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao super-large-scale information technology infrastructure base cluster. With rapidly deployable data center clusters in Malaysia, Singapore and Japan, seek more business expansion opportunities on the platform in the emerging markets of the Pan-Asia Pacific.
Our Business
Leading domestic IDC integrated service provider
  • Investment and Development
  • Construction and Delivery
  • Operation and Management
  • Cloud
  • R&D and Innovation
National Data center resources
Hyperscale infrastructure, covering important core hubs across the country
Self built T3+and T4IDC space leasing
Server hosting
Modular and customized IDC
Cloud infrastructure value-added services
Project Management and Investment Management
Achieve customer value with excellent engineering construction capability
Planning consulting and implementation consulting services
Professional deepening design services
Low energy consumption design and environmentally friendly construction
Research and development of key infrastructure products
Trial operation acceptance testing service
Operation and maintenance services
Professional services provide the most valuable protection
Operation, custody, and maintenance
Facility and equipment maintenance
Management System Consulting
Operation and maintenance certification training
Energy saving renovation
Intelligent solution
An innovative service platform,
to help enterprise customers better use cloud services
Industry cloud services
Multi cloud management services
Cloud hosting services
Cloud security services
Cloud value-added services
Establish a business model with intellectual property to support data center operations
Design architecture innovation
New energy saving technology
Rapid deployment technology
New energy application scenarios
Running platform software development
About DCS
Data Center Science adheres to the practice values of "integrity, dedication, wisdom, win-win", and creates a digital future with you!
Data Center Science Adhere to technological innovation, in the data center, cloud computing, intelligent computing center, edge computing and other related fields are involved in the business, gathered many industry elites, make full use of long-term accumulated experience and channels, committed to providing industry customers with efficient services and professional solutions.
Ranked first for three consecutive years in 2020, 2021, and 2022
First in China
Addressing industry pain points and leading innovative development
2.5 billion+
Rapid growth in performance and doubling of revenue scale
9 billion+
Abundant orders in hand Highly certain future performance
Over 100 million yuan
Basic stability and guaranteed profitability
  • Found | International first-class brand
  • Become | A great company
  • Keep | The driving force of innovation and exploration
  • Stick To | The spirit of quality and integrity